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Icing Extruder


This quality Fondant and Paste Extruder from Loyal is a must for cake decorators. This Loyal Extruder comes with 20 different discs which allows you to make many differing designs.

Suggested Disc Creations:


Borders, Letters, Rope, Stems and Vines

Screen (dots)

Floral stamens, grass, hair and straws


Bows, lattice, quilling, ribbons and weaving baskets

Square / Triangle  / Half Rounds

Borders, bricks, logs and triangles


Use Instructions:

1. Unwind the large handle to create space for the product you wish to extrude.

2. Unscrew the small end cap and insert the desired medium into the extruder.

3. Insert your chosen disc into the end cap of the extruder.

4. Screw the end cap back onto the end of the extruder.

5. Start turning the large handle to start extruding.


Cleaning Instructions:

1. Unscrew the cap and disc

2. Clean excess fondant / paste from the end cap and disc

3. Unscrew the top of the extruder

4. Pull the rod out gently

5. Clean excess fondant / paste from the barrel and plunger.

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