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Ganache Making Tutorial


Learn to make white chocolate ganache like a Pro!

Introducing my in depth tutorial on making that perfect white chocolate ganache for icing your cakes.

After 15 years in the cake decorating industry and working with ganache, I am so excited to share my method with you.  Prepare to fall in love with ganache and be praising the ganache gods in no time! Especially on those sweltering summer days.

I use ganache on all of my cakes, including structural cake shapes and it provides me with such confidence that my cake structure is sound. As well as offering a smooth surface that stays completely set!! 

Which means adding embellishments and decorations to your cake is so much easier.  No more backward and forwarding into the fridge while trying to adding your stencilled pattern, or painted details. Ganache will set firm and then stay firm while decorating at room temp.  Not to mention being the ideal companion for fondant!

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • Step by step, how to make a ganache that is delightfully fluid in consistency, yet also sets firm to offer your cake stability and structure.
  • How to troubleshoot and fix a split ganache in its different stages
  • How to whiten and colour your ganache 
  • About the different consistencies of ganache and when to use them

If you have been wanting to master making ganache, whether you're a beginner or seasoned decorator, this class is for you. 

 Course Contents:

  • 20 minute step by step video tutorial 
  • 6 pages of detailed written support notes 
  • BONUS 20% OFF code for one time use in our store, for your supplies. 

Please note: this course is for the ganache making method. It does not include cake recipes or decorating a cake using ganache. This tutorial will help you master the method of making ganache.

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As always Happy Caking x