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Cake Shape Guides - Side Sitting Heart


Make a gorgeous standing heart shaped cake for your next special celebration. 

Our Original "Cake Shape Guides" are designed to help create symmetrical cake shapes with ease. They are designed to help you create smooth sides and sharp edges when making your cakes, whether you are using ganache or buttercream.

Simply use one on either side to help you achieve your heart shaped cake. You can view lots of different videos of us using our guides on our instagram page


You can purchase the front plaque HERE on our website



2 x side heart shaped acrylic guides

Wash your guides in warm soapy water. They are not dishwasher safe. Avoid boiling water as the guides will warp out of shape.

  1. Cover the guides in cling wrap or use baking paper in between the guides and the icing. This makes them easy to remove at the end.
  2. Align the guides with your scraper and then pop into the fridge to set. This way when you are icing you will have a symmetrical shape. When using buttercream you will need to do this several times throughout the process as it returns to room temp.
  3. Once finished place the whole cake in the fridge to set before trying to remove the guides. This way the icing will be set and they will come off easier.
  4. You can use buttercream or ganache with the guides, however, we highly recommend ganache as once set, it stays set without refrigeration.