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Raised Cookie Embossers - Mediterranean Tiles


Add a touch of the mediterranean to your fondant cookies with our raised tiles cookie stamp designs. Choose from 4 unique designs or get the complete set for the full mediterranean style..

The etched details in the acrylic stamp leaves a beautiful embossed design, which can be left plain or detailed with edible paints and embellishments.

This stamp is also suitable for the two toning technique, which you can see pictured. Due to its less intricate style, it is an easier style of stamp to use this technique with.


These are lovingly hand made in our shop and require approx. 2 business days before dispatch.


1 x Mediterranean tile stamp design ( of your choice)

or additional option to order the full set of 4

Stamp is 8cm square acrylic

Wash your stamp in hot soapy water. They are not dishwasher safe. Avoid boiling water as the stamp acrylic may warp.

  1. Using soft fondant helps achieve the best raised design.
  2. Use cornflour on the stamp to prevent sticking.
  3. Make sure you put enough pressure on the stamp to ensure a nicely raised design.
  4. You can also flip the stamp and roll the fondant directly onto the stamp cavity, as a different technique.
  5. For two toning help, you can pop onto our instagram page for helpful videos.