Something for Cake

Pattern Plate- Stripes



Introducing our new acrylic fondant "Pattern Plates"

They are so easy to use and are ideal for adding fondant details to your cakes and cookies and cakes.

Simply roll your fondant over the back of the pattern plate, and peel back to reveal the pattern. You will be pleased that these are also made with a frosted surface which means very little if no cornflour is needed. The cavity in the pattern plate also allows for a really deep imprint and creates such impact, that there is really no need to add any other details. If you want to add some details the bold raised patterns make it so easy to paint.

The best part is that they come in 2 sizes that help you make multiple cookies or cupcake tops at once. Which lets face it, is key when looking to be time efficient in your decorating journey.

We have also designed these with cakers in mind. They are large enough to be able to use for making fondant side cake wraps, and are also ideal for using on your cake tops when making your tray bakes, bento cakes and mini cakes. 


Standard size : 147mm x 184mm  (pictured)

Large Size: 296mm x 184mm

Stripe width : 2.3mm

Care Instructions: Make sure you don't keep your plates submerged in really hot water.  The hot water will bow the acrylic. We recommend using warm soapy water to wash your pattern plates in, and then dry off , tap out the excess water from the cavities and leave upside down to continue to dry on a tea towel.

You can also use a a bit of decorators rose spirit on a tea towel/paper towel to really clean the surface without compromising the product.