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Stacking Cake Tiers

In order to stack your cake tiers there are a few key essential products you will need including;

  • Wooden or plastic Dowels- for support between each cake tier
  • Standard cake boards- for between each cake tier. Choose the same size boards as each cake tier. There is no need to have one under the base tier as you will be using a MDF sturdy cake board as the base board.
  • Royal Icing or ganache- to stick each tier together
  • Sturdy MDF base board- This will be the base cake board.  We recommend choosing a size that is at least 2-3 inches larger than the base tier.
Before stacking your cakes they should firstly be covered in your chosen icing. The top tiers should also be attached to a standard cake board (the same size as the cake tier). 


1. Take your largest cake and stick it to your prepared base cake board using some royal icing or ganache if you prefer. The royal icing will hold the cake in place and prevent it from sliding off the board (You can purchase a royal icing mix or alternatively you can make it yourself. Please see our icing Handy Hints page for the recipe).
2. Place the wooden dowels in the base tier and mark the dowel where the top of the cake is. Remove the skewer and cut off the excess stick from where your mark is.
3. You will need to put approx. 4 dowels in the base tier to support the cake on top. It is best to put them roughly in the centre of the cake spread out in a square pattern. For example: If your base tier is a 10 inch round cake, place the dowels approx. 8cm apart from each other. Making an 8cm square shape.
4.Spread some more royal icing on the top of the base tier (keeping to the centre) and then place the top tier on. Make sure the top tier is centred and then allow to set.
6. If you have more tiers then continue to repeat the same steps until you have stacked all your cake tiers.
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