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Using Metallic Paints

Using Edible Paints

We get asked on a regular basis how we apply a metallic painted finish on cakes without using an airbrush machine. 
You can either use pre made metallic paints, or you can make your own by mixing metallic lustres with decorators rose spirit.
Here is an example using Metallic Silver Paint to cover a whole cake. This cake was approx.18" long and 3" deep.
One of the key steps to obtaining the best all over silver finish is by colouring the fondant grey first. This gives you a good under colour foundation for the silver paint to go on. 


When applying the paint to a large surface area like this, it can be easier to use a sponge as apposed to a small paint brush. I often use the sponges that you get from the supermarket.


To apply the paint we  pour the paint onto a plastic tray ( or anything you can dip your sponge into), then dip the sponge into the paint and brush all over the cake. 


The sponge will become quite stiff from the paint so you will need to get a new piece of sponge when it has reached this stage.


If you find that the finish is a little streaky then you can add another coat once the first coat has dried. These little bottles do go quite far, we only used 1 bottle to paint this cake.

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