Something for Cake

Custom Edible Image - A4 Sheet- Icing Sheet


Create your cake with our edible icing images.  These images are printed on icing sheets and are attached to a plastic backing sheet.

When your'e ready to apply the image to your cake,

1.Remove from the sealed plastic bag

2. Gently peel the edge of the icing sheet from the plastic backing, and remove the plastic backing sheet.

3. When sticking to fondant, you will need to brush your cake with a sugar syrup, or sugar glue, or piping jelly so that it sticks all around the cake.


Please add this item to your shopping cart and checkout to order a custom edible image sheet (A4 sheet size). If you are collecting your order you will still need to place your details in the checkout for the system to return a shipping method that is "Pick Up"

Once paid for please send us your image file by replying to your order confirmation email.
Please make sure that your image is in a JPEG or PDF format.  
Please make sure that your image is clear and is 300dpi. If your image looks clear when blown up to fit your computer screen( around 13") it should be fine.
We will print it and ship it out for you as soon as we receive the image. Alternatively if you are picking it up you can come collect from our store. 
What if I want a round image for the cake top?
When emailing your image, please include instructions for me to crop your image in a circle, and how big you want the circle to be. The widest diameter for the circle will be 8inches. Then you will be able to cut this out from the sheet.
Please keep in mind that if you are sending a rectangle picture, the circle will be cropped from the centre of the image. If there is content on the edges of the rectangle you wish to include, unfortunately that image wont be suitable for a round disc.

If you would like to put several images on your icing sheet. You will need to create this yourself and send to us as a PDF. We unfortunately do not offer customisations.



Custom printing requires 1-2 business days before being ready for dispatch or collection.


  •  The colours on your edible print will always appear less vibrant than on your monitor or device screen, as your monitor is in RGB colours and printing is in CMYK.  
  • If your print includes black , when you image is printed the rollers will sometimes pick up the ink and  may lead to slight roller marks on the sheet.
  • Vibrant pink and purple are difficult colours to achieve, the colour you see on your digital device, will look different to the printed item.