Something for Cake

Edible Image - Vintage pastel florals


We print on both Edible Wafer Paper and Icing Sheets. Please select which style you would like your edible image to be printed on.


Wafer paper is great for wrapping your cakes with, decorating your cookies, and adding details to your cupcakes. It is also ideal for using to make wafer paper flowers.

You can create delicate paper patterns and designs for your cakes by simply using a craft knife, scissors or craft punch to cut out the desired shapes. 
You can also add additional details to the patterned paper using metallic sprays, lustre dusts and petal dusts. 
When applying this to fondant cakes, cookies and cupcakes you will need to use a piping gel or something similar. Anything that is too wet will dissolve the paper.
You can stick the paper straight onto buttercream, however make sure you do not place the cake in the fridge once the image is applied.
Icing sheets are a piece of icing that is attached to a plastic backing sheet. The edible ink will appear more concentrated on icing sheets than on the wafer paper. You can use a craft knife to cut out shapes from the icing sheets or simply use as a cake wrap around the sides of your cake.
Before applying to your cake you will need to remove the plastic backing sheet. We do use great quality thick icing sheets that are easily removed from the backing sheets. If you are having difficulty getting it off then you can place the sheet in the freezer for a few minutes.
If you are placing on fondant or set ganache, you will need to brush some piping gel across the back of it so that it sticks to the sides of your cake. Make sure you put an even layer of gel across the whole image to prevent bubbling.
Also do not place the cake in the fridge once the image is on.
Size: 1 x A4 Sheet
IMPORTANT NOTE: Colours may vary slightly on printed paper.