Custom Cookie Cutters

Handwriting Alphabet Stamp Set - Numbers and Symbols


Available in upper lower case and numbers, these are the perfect sets for those wanting to write something custom in a casual and adorable font on their bakes.

Our letter sets are designed to fit the common letter standard bars/holders. * this will NOT come with the holder* If you do not own one, you can purchase one of our mini letter sets that comes with the bar HERE.

Upper case letters are 9.8mm tall. Lower case letter are approximately 9.7 to 12mm tall. Letters can be stamped up to 4mm into your fondant.

Each set only comes with one of each letter so to make words with duplicate letters in a holder you will need to either purchase extra sets.

Hand wash only, keep below 50 degrees/c (122 degrees/f)/ *DO NOT wash in dishwasher.

*All designs are Copyright protected and can not be copied. Designs have either been designed by Custom Cookie Cutters or commercial licenses have been purchased from the original designer.