Something for Cake

Raised Cookie Embosser - Easter Basket


Why pipe when you can stamp !!!

This cookie stamp is the perfect way for creating cookies with a professional finish

Our reverse stamps leave a raised design as apposed to the traditional imprinted cookie stamps. The raised design can be left plain or painted to create a different effect. 

Handy Hints:

1. Make sure you fondant is thick enough to fill the stamp. approx 3mm.

2. Make sure you put enough pressure on the stamp to ensure a nicely raised design. If you are having difficulty getting a deep raised pattern give your stamp a wiggle when pushing down. This helps the fondant squish up into the stamp.Take a look on our Instagram page for helpful videos on using the stamps.

3. Use cornflour on the stamp to prevent sticking

Embosser stamp is 80 mm square Acrylic

Design ;40mm x 54mm

We have used our new vintage floral edible print for the basket base, which you can purchase seperately.


They are lovingly designed and handmade in our shop
Hand wash only.