wafer paper bow on striped fondant cake
This week, I have been playing around with textures.  I love using different mediums to bring these textures and elements into my cake designs. And one of my favourite mediums is wafer paper. 
I mostly love the softness that it brings to a cake design.
With bows trending at the moment. I thought what better way to add a soft bow element to the cake, than with wafer paper.  
My top tips when making wafer bows
1. Use a steamer to soften the paper while moulding your shape.  It allows the paper to move easily without cracking or breaking. As well as enabling you to add curves and waves to the form of the bow.
2. Hold the bow pieces in the desired shape until the paper becomes rigid again away from the steam. This will ensure your paper holds the shape you created.
3. You can use a simple paper bow template to create the pieces. I just jumped onto Google and found one that I liked. I did enlarge them a bit so that the bow was a decent size.
4. I used sugar glue to stick the pieces together, but make sure you don't overdo it, as the glue will dissolve the paper.
5. And finally, I used a toothpick and a small ball of fondant to stick the bow onto the front.