Something for Cake

Cookie Cutter Embosser Set - Floral Stem


This cookie cutter and embosser set has been lovingly designed and handmade by us.

It is made from 10mm thick acrylic and the cutter has a lovely sharp cutting edge. As the cookie cutter is 10mm deep, it is best used with cookie dough that is rolled at approx. 8mm thick.

The stamp is designed to be used in several ways, You can simply press and reveal the pattern on one single colour of fondant. Or you can use the two tone technique to fill the cavities with different  coloured fondant and press onto a final piece of fondant.

It is important when using this technique that you dust your stamp liberally with corn flour and tap out the excess. This will prevent your fondant from sticking to the stamp. 

These are handwash only. And not dishwasher safe.

Cutter Size: Approx. 52 x 94mm

Stamp Size: 46 x 88mm