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1.White Chocolate Ganache Ingredients

      * Heat cream until just starting to boil.
      * Remove from heat, and add chocolate buttons. Allow to soften for a few minutes.
      * Whisk together until smooth
      * It is at this point you can add your white food colour
      * Allow the ganache to set. If you set in the fridge overnight you will want to return it to room temperature before using it.


        Optional but highly recommended to get a lighter smoother ganache.
            * Whizz a bar mix/stick blender through your freshly made ganache ( before you have set it). This will emulsify it and lighten the texture of the ganache.
            Then pour the ganache into a flat oven dish that has been lined with glad wrap or baking paper.
            *Allow to set overnight in the fridge. The following day, remove the dish from the fridge and lift out the set ganache.
            *Cut the ganache into cubes ( like you would butter when softening it for making buttercream) and place in a bowl.
            *Place in the microwave on a low temperature setting ( I set my microwave to approx. 40% powder and it is 1200 watt microwave) and set for short bursts ( 1min at a time) to soften your ganache.
            *Then use your spatula or whisk to bring the ganache back together to a spreadable consistency.
              You are ready to GO!!


              Take a look at our You Tube Video HERE on how to layer and ganache your cake.

              2.Dark Chocolate Ganache

              • 500ml pure cream
              • 1kg dark couverture chocolate
              1. Heat cream until it just starting to boil.
              2. Remove from heat, and add chocolate.
              3. Whisk until smooth and then refrigerate(can be used once has cooled and stiffened in texture

              *Best results are achieved if ganache is made and then refrigerated 1 day before using.

              *Take ganache out of the fridge and allow it to reach room temperature before trying to spread over cake.

              *If ganache is still too firm, microwave for a few seconds only to soften.
              Take a look at our You Tube Video HERE on how to layer and ganache your cake

              3. Royal Icing

              • 1/2 - 1 of an egg white
              • 1-2cups pure icing sugar finely sifted
              1. Lightly beat the egg whites with your palette knife.
              2. Gradually add the finely sifted icing sugar 1 tsp at a time.
              3. After each addition of the icing sugar beat well.
              The amount of icing sugar will vary according to the size of the egg white and the required consistency. 
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