Something for Cake

Make a Standing Heart Cake



This tutorial will take you through the complete process from carving the initial shape, right through to the completed standing cake shape.

The shape demonstrated in this online class is our 8" standing heart "Cake Shape Guides", however you can use any standing shape guide, as the principles and method are the same

What you will learn:

  • How to carve and prepare your shaped cake layers.
  • How to prepare and cover your guides for icing; resulting in easy guide removal as well as achieving that desirable smooth cake surface finish.
  • What icing consistency and application method you need to achieve the best results.
  • How to align your guides and set them in place, in order to create a symmetrical cake shape.
  • How to fill, ice and stand your cake shape.
  • How to tidy and fix imperfections at the completion stage.

What will you need?

Course Contents:

  • 36 minute step by step video tutorial
  • 9 pages of detailed written support notes 
  • BONUS 20% OFF codefor one time use in our store, for your supplies.

WHAT'S NOT INCLUDED:  This course is for the process of making a standing cake shape. It does not include the cake baking process or icing recipes.

RECOMMENDATION: You can use ganache or buttercream to make your shape, however it is highly recommended to use ganache. The benefit of ganache is that it is more structurally stable. Which means once it sets, it stays set.  If you are keen and want to become a ganache pro, you can take our Ganache Making masterclass.

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As always Happy Caking x